Things we've Loved in October

Bindle’s Autumn Spice Latte

Honestly, it’s hard not to love Bindle: cozy space, fun baristas, and great drinks. Get this latte while it’s here! And there’s no shame in ordering a Magic Muffin or two to go with it. Hey, there’s no calories…it’s magic!


The Circle Maker

Mark Batterson is a wise, wise man. Be like Mark. Read his short book to gain insight on how to pray BIG, pray bold, and pray in italics. We lied about the last bit. You can find the book on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble.

Hidden Folks

Okay, so we know you don’t need another excuse to be on your phone. Buuuut sometimes you get held up waiting for your delicious Autumn Spice Latte at Bindle *ahem, see above*. In that case, this fun “Where’s Waldo” -style game has you covered. Find it here for whatever screen you have.


Land of Color

You may know these guys as HOLY MNTN, but they recently changed their name to Land of Color. While they don’t have an album released under the new name, we’re pretty excited about what Gary and Thomas will share with us…on Friday, perhaps??? Find it on Spotify and Apple Music.

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