Things We're Diggin' this September

By now school is in full swing, the leaves are changing, and the Broncos are doing alright. With the first wave of tests approaching or having passed, and more deadlines right around the corner, we totally get how exhausting this time of year can be. So we’ve brought you this list of things we’ve been diggin’ lately. Take a break and check them out!

Enneagram Spectrum [Converted].jpg

The Enneagram

The what? The Enneagram, an ancient personality type system that (quite accurately) helps to describe human nature, both positively and negatively. It can guide you in learning more about yourself and understanding others better.

Check out the Road Back to You to take a quiz (10 minutes) and start learning more. Also, find the book on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble. There are also several podcasts on the subject, such as The Road Back to You or the Sleeping at Last podcast.

Lauren Daigle’s New Album


Yaassss, girl! In Lauren’s new release “Look Up Child” she views faith from a child’s point of view, forgetting the doubt, fear, and temptations of adulthood. And she does it all with beautiful lyrics and music, and that voice!!! You can find it on iTunes and on Spotify.

The NeuBible App


At just $4.99 for a super clean, user friendly Bible app, you can read the Word on your Apple devices (sorry, Android users) without ads or distractions. Change the font, switch to night mode, highlight and search, customize the color scheme, etc. And the app syncs to the cloud, so all your highlights appear on whatever device you use. Find it here. It’s worth it.


Illegal Pete’s Rooftop Patio

The perfect sit-on-the-patio, enjoy-time-with-friends weather is upon us. What better place to hang out than the rooftop of Illegal Pete’s. Get some chips and guac, a burrito, and a drink and spend some time enjoying the Colorado weather with your friends this season.

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