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Timberline College the college ministry through Timberline Church in Fort Collins, Colorado. We are a community of students founded on service and discovering our individual and communal potential for the Kingdom of God. 


We serve ourselves by intentionally pursuing our personal relationships with Christ.

We serve one another by valuing each other as ourselves and inviting one another to belong. 

We serve our world by actively seeking opportunities to serve. 

We are students, leaders, disciples of Christ who take seriously Jesus' call to "follow me." 


Weekly Gathering

Our weekly gathering during the school year on Tuesday Nights at Everyday Joe's Coffee House at 7pm. 

What to Expect 



Our typical weekly gathering will have biblical teaching paired with discussion. The teaching will come from either one of our adult leaders or a guest speaker. Our goal is to have just as much discussion as there is teaching. We value this so highly because it builds community and allows us to learn from one another. We occasionally have worship alongside our teaching and discussion, other times we have entire nights dedicated to worship and prayer. To see the full schedule check out the event calendar. 




We whole heartedly believe that at our best we are serving. Jesus was not shy on this. He said things like, "The least will be greatest," (Luke 9.48) and "by this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (John 13:35)  So, if we want to take discipleship seriously, which we do, we must be focused on service. 

Several times over the course of a semester we will dedicate an entire evening to service, intending to bless our community in some practical way. 



Once a month we will eat a meal together! Its free for you, provided by Timberline Church. It is often prepared by a "grandma" of our community, home-cooked and delicious. Community Dinner nights are a part of our typical weekly gathering throughout the year. 

During the summers we meet once a month for Community Dinner Bible Study. We look at a passage of scripture with no real teaching. We simply discuss together and ask questions of the passage. What do I like about this? What do I dislike about this? What does this say about God, about me, about life, about life with God? 



Everyday Joe's is located at

144 S. Mason Street in Old Town Fort Collins.

This is our normal gathering space, and we love it dearly. Everyday Joe's is home to our Old Town Campus, Timberline Old Town. It is a volunteer powered coffee shop during the week and a church on Sundays. It is our favorite place to study or meet a friend for coffee.


Get Connected

There are a ton of incredible campus ministries in Fort Collins, CO for college students. Our hope is you find one you feel at home in, and you get connected. We would love to get you connected with Timberline College. There are a variety of ways you can do that.



Small groups are fantastic places to grow in your faith and develop deep friendships. They are groups of 3-12 people who meet in homes, on campus, or at coffee shops to talk about life and God, and life with God. Interested in joining a small group? 


We have a fantastic team of leaders who support students through friendship,  mentorship and prayer at Timberline College. If you are interested in meeting with a leader we have a team of people who would love that. 

Let us know if you are interested by filling out the contact sheet below or email us at college@timberlinechurch.org


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